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Our most commonly asked questions regarding estimating.

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Q: How should I name my new global quote letter layout in Buildxact?

A: You can name your new global layout according to your personal preference or based on a theme, such as "Oceanview Beach template".

Q: How can I learn the complete estimation process in Buildxact?

A: Refer to Buildxact's help center, which offers various helpful articles such as The estimate to job process, Create an estimate from a job, and How do I use the Pricing Assistant in Buildxact to Estimate Costs?

Q: Why are some takeoffs not automatically populating in the estimate costings and how can I fix it?

A: Some takeoffs may not automatically populate in the estimate costings due to inconsistencies in linking. If you need to check a measurement that you DO NOT want calculated in your costings, we recommend you do your takeoffs from the costings page.

You can always relink an estimate costing item to a takeoff via the calculator tool.

Q: If I submit a request for quote to more than one (1) recipient, will all recipients see the other recipient email addresses?

A: Each recipient will be individually emailed. They aren't CC'ed into one chain. Check this via your communications tab where you can track the different emails that have gone out.

Q: Can I create an assembly for concrete footings using cubic feet (CF) but display in cubic yards (CY) and calculate the volume?

A: When building an assembly for concrete footings, set the assembly to have a unit of measurement (UOM) of cubic yards (CY). Then, the line items inside will need to be in cubic feet (CF).

Use the calculator to enter 1/27 (to go from cubic yard to cubic feet). The assembly should then calculate the correct CF even though you are measuring in CY.

To measure the footage of foundation footings and calculate yardage, perform a volume takeoff using cubic yards as the unit of measurement.

Draw the shape of your foundation footings, input the width and depth, and complete the takeoff. Buildxact will calculate the yardage for your foundation footings.

Remember to convert any measurements in inches to their equivalent in feet as a decimal by dividing the number of inches by 12.

Q: How can I manage my catalogs in Buildxact?

A: To manage your catalogs and pricelists in Buildxact, including how to download/export a catalog, update the prices in the excel document, and then re-import over the top of the existing catalog, navigate to the Catalogs section in the left-hand side menu.

  1. Click Create New to create a new catalog.

  2. Click More actions to export all catalogs to an Excel file.

  3. Click the blue button to update a catalog with the latest prices.

  4. Click the up arrow to import prices to an existing catalog or to replace an entire catalog with imported items.

  5. Click the down arrow to download a specific catalog to an Excel file.

  6. Click the trash can button to delete a catalog.

Q: How do I make the specifications and inclusions list on my quote letter the same as my estimate?

A: You can use the Match Costings Order button to reorder your specifications to match the same reference numbers in your costings.

Q: Do you provide a sample quote and specifications?

A: There are Estimate Templates available in your account. However, we don't have a sample specifications preset. You can use one of the estimate templates and select 'S' from the estimate costings to add to your specifications.

Q: How do I separate takeoffs for multiple units on the same site plan?

A: If you have the units listed separately in your costings, you can do individual takeoffs for each item in your costings. If you want to do an all-in-one takeoff for one material against all three units, you could separate them by renaming the labels or changing the colors.

Q: How do I measure architraves and skirting in linear meters (lm)?

A: To measure architraves and skirting boards in lm, you can either measure using the plan view or measuring off the internal elevations. Another option would be to set up recipes for different open sizes. You can then select the recipe and do a count of the openings.

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