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Everything you need to know about Buildxact's ability to integrate with Deputy

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How do Buildxact and Deputy work together?

Deputy is a timesheet system. Integrating Deputy into Buildxact allows for the automatic creation of Work Orders in Buildxact to enable you to track staff costs against jobs.

To help understand the connection, it's good to understand the different terminology used in the two systems.

  1. A Job in Buildxact, when synced to Deputy, is known as a Location (Buildxact Job = Deputy Location).

  2. The Cost Categories from a Buildxact job will be known in Deputy as Areas (Buildxact Cost Categories = Deputy Areas).

You can nominate in Buildxact which Cost Categories you want to populate in the job in Deputy, which will allow you to assign your workforce to Areas of work in Deputy that link to the corresponding Cost Categories in Buildxact.

Your staff members will open the job on the Deputy app then open the Area they are working in and add hours to this area. Once approved, the costs of these hours will sync back to the Buildxact Job Cost Categories as a Work Order.

This eliminates the need for manual addition of these Work Orders in Buildxact.

When you assign a person to an Area in Deputy, their information will be transferred into your Buildxact contacts list once their first timesheet is approved. This ensures that all contact/user information is consistent across both platforms.

The following video gives an overview of the connection:

How do I set up my Buildxact and Deputy integration/connection?

If you don't currently use Deputy and are interested to learn more, visit the Deputy website.

To set up your Buildxact and Deputy integration, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Integrations in the left-hand Navigation menu

  2. Find Deputy and click Connect

3. This takes you to the Deputy log in screen, enter your Deputy Username and Password

4. Click Log in

5. Select the organization within Deputy that you want to connect to Buildxact (this is the organization name you entered when you set up your company in Deputy)

6. Click Authorize

7. This will take you back to Buildxact where you will see a confirmation that the two systems are linked.

How do I create and manage my Buildxact job links to Deputy?

Once you have synced the two systems, follow the steps below to link a job from Buildxact to Deputy:

  1. Navigate to Job Details and enter an address in the Work Location field

  2. Click Create Location if you would like to use the address in step 1. You will get a pop-up message saying a Location has been created in Deputy, click Confirm

  3. If you would like to link this job to a location already set up in Deputy, click on the dropdown menu and choose from the list. (The addresses on this list have already been set up in Deputy)

4. If you need to unlink the job from Deputy, click Unlink against the address field

5. To link the Cost Categories of the Buildxact job to Areas in Deputy, click Manage Deputy Areas. This brings up the Cost Categories.
​Note: the Manage Deputy Areas button WILL NOT SHOW if there are no cost categories in the Actual Costings screen of your job. If this is the case, you'll need to add at least one cost category.

6. Click Create Deputy Area against any Cost Category you would like to link across to the job in Deputy.

7. Click Confirm

8. If you need to unlink the Category from the Area in Deputy, click Unlink and then Confirm.

Useful links related to Deputy integration with Buildxact:

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