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Can I customize my quote letter layout in Buildxact?
Can I customize my quote letter layout in Buildxact?

Learn about the different ways you can produce and customize your quote letter in Buildxact

Written by Kalya Ryan
Updated over a week ago

There are two (2) different quote layouts available in Buildxact:

  1. Buildxact Print Only Layout - This is the simple, legacy layout that is suitable for printing.

  2. Buildxact Customizable layout - This is the highly customizable template that allows you to move sections around, hide or show different sections by toggling on or off, and even make changes to fonts and colors.

Create a quote letter using the Buildxact Print Only Layout

  1. In your Estimate, click on the Quote Letter tab to see the quote letter options.

  2. To see the Print Only Layout option, click on the 'Select a Different Layout' hyperlink.

  3. You'll be presented with the two template options. Click on the Select Layout button for the Print Only Layout option.

4. To edit your Print Only Layout quote letter, click on the Quote Letter section bar.

5. Edit the content of the cover letter for your quote letter, including any terms & conditions.

6. Edit the settings in your quote letter. These include your letterhead, logo, expiry date of your quote, specifications, categories and items, and any allowances.

7. When you're happy with the look of your quote, hit the Share button and fill out the recipient details.

Create a quote letter using the Buildxact Customizable Layout

  1. To view and select the customizable layout, click the ‘Select a different layout’. You will see the Buildxact Print Only Layout and the Buildxact Customizable Layout.

2. To use the customizable layout, click the ‘Select Layout’ button in the Buildxact Customizable Layout area.

3. The customizable layout is made up of editable sections which can be reordered and toggled on and off. You can make edits in each section to suit your business requirements and your customer. Click through each section to view a live preview of your quote letter and make any changes you require and/or toggle on and off information in your quote. To reorder the sections, hover your cursor to the left of the section title until your pointer changes to a four-arrow cursor, then just click and drag the section where you want it to sit.

For more information on the changes you can make to each section of your quote letter, see:

4. You can also make additional edits to your quote letter. In the Cover Page and Contact Us sections, you can 'Change Template' to view other designed layouts, or you can click on ‘Advanced Editing’ in any section of your cover letter if you want to make changes to the page layout, fonts, color etc.

The Advanced Editing interface will pop up and allow you to make additional edits.

A) Add new sections, buttons, dividers, images and more.

B) You can use the redo and undo curved arrows, view a preview and see what your quote looks like in PC and mobile format.

C) You can save the changes by clicking 'Save Template' or 'Exit Advanced Editing' without saving.

D) The reset button will take your template back to its original default. This is useful when you are not happy with the changes you have made and would like to reset the template to start again.

5. When you are happy with your edits you can share the quote letter to the customer by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. The share button includes the option to share to the client portal (Pro/Teams Plans) and/or email to the client. Lastly you can print to PDF by clicking on the ‘Print’ button.

The following short video demonstrates some of the advanced editing features.

For more information on the quote letter layout feature, see:

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