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Q: Which accounting packages does Buildxact sync with?

A: Buildxact syncs with Xero, MYOB AccountRight and QuickBooks.

The integration process can be summarized as follows:

Purchase and customer invoice information is fed into Buildxact to be used for effective tracking and reporting. To avoid you having to enter that same information again into your accounting software, we push the information across into your accounting package when you prompt Buildxact to sync.

Q: How do I resolve issues with invoice syncing when importing to an integration?

Follow these steps to identify and resolve problems with integration sync:

  1. Go to your Integrations by clicking Integrations on the left-hand menu.

  2. Click 'View Log' to see your previous sync's log and look for any error messages.

Depending on the integration you are using, the error messages may vary. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

For MYOB Sync Issues

If you encounter a problem with a supplier invoice due to a missing ABN, open the contact and set a business number for them. If the issue is related to a lock date or lock-in period in MYOB, either remove the lock-in date in your MYOB account or alter the purchase order invoice date to be part of a non-locked period. For more information see:

For Quickbooks Sync Issues

If you encounter an error related to a duplicate name for a vendor and a contact, update the contact in Buildxact to have a slightly different name to avoid conflicts. If you still face issues, ensure that the 'Sync items from' date in the accounting integration is set correctly. If it is set to a later date than the invoices you want to sync, change the date to an earlier time and try syncing again. To prevent an invoice from syncing, you can mark it as synced. This will remove it from the sync queue and prevent it from syncing across. For more information see:

Q: Why can't I integrate an invoice from a job in Buildxact with MYOB?

A: There could be several reasons why you are unable to integrate the invoice with MYOB. Some possible issues and their solutions include:

  1. Lock date or lock period in MYOB: Buildxact cannot create documents prior to this lockout period. To resolve this, you can either remove the lock-in date in your MYOB account or alter the purchase order invoice date to be part of a non-locked period.

  2. String length exceeded: MYOB has character limits for company names (50 characters) and customer/contact names (30 characters). Ensure that the names in Buildxact do not exceed these limits. If they do, edit the names to be shorter.

  3. Missing or invalid ABN: Make sure the supplier contact in Buildxact has a valid ABN set. If not, update the contact with the correct ABN.

  4. Tax code issues (specific to MYOB New Zealand): Ensure that the tax rate setup is correct. If you encounter errors related to tax codes, you may need to follow specific steps to fix the issue.

If you have checked all the possible reasons and still face issues, contact one of our support team members via a chat message and we'll help you fix the integration settings.

Q: What should I do if Buildxact is stuck syncing with my accounting system for a long time?

A: Our support team will need to reset this for you. Please send a chat message to our team and we will be able to help you out.

Q: How can I handle electronic invoices from suppliers in Buildxact without syncing to the accounting software or creating duplicate invoices?

A: You can raise electronic invoices from suppliers/dealers in Buildxact as work orders instead of purchase orders. Work orders will not sync to your accounting software. This will help you handle electronic invoices without syncing to the accounting software or creating duplicate invoices.

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