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List of all known Quickbooks sync issues

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If you're having issues with items not syncing to Quickbooks, here's how you find out what may be going wrong.

  • First go to your Integrations by clicking Integrations on the left hand menu.

  • Then click 'View Log'

  • This will show your previous sync's log. You may find some similar messages in there that appear below.

Generated QuickBooks Bill for Buildxact Supplier Invoice PO####/###/# - Sample Supplier for $1,000.0 Tried to add vendor 'Sample Company' but QuickBooks gave the following error: Validation Exception was thrown.Details:The name supplied already exists. : Id=##.

Quickbooks clients and vendors work off the same group, this means that you cannot have the same name as a vendor as you do a contact.
Using the above example, Buildxact is trying to create Sample Company as a vendor which may already exist as a client and as such cannot be added as a vendor. A way to get around this is to update your contact in Buildxact to have a slightly different name, such as Sample Company Buildxact.

Unable to create QuickBooks Bill #J1160/PO108/1241255125, this feature is not included in your current QuickBooks subscription. Please upgrade to QuickBooks Essentials to use this feature. Code: 5030

This is because you're subscribed to a Quickbooks plan we don't support, which is likely the "Simple Start" plan. We can't connect with Simple Start as it can't manage bills. You'll need to upgrade in order to successfully connect with Buildxact.

Generated QuickBooks Bill for Buildxact Supplier Invoice PO####/###/# - Sample Supplier for $1,000.00
Unable to create QuickBooks Bill ####/###/#, already exists in your Quick Books Account. Code: 6140

Quickbooks will only allow for unique invoice numbers, if you're seeing this error it means that the invoice may already exist in your Quickbooks account.

First you should confirm if the invoice exists in your Quickbooks account by searching your Quickbooks account.
If the item keeps coming up in your sync list, please contact Buildxact support and let them know if you managed to find the invoice in your Quickbooks account and the invoice # - they will be able to assist further with this information

Unable to create QuickBooks Bill #J####/PO####/# account period is closed, please re-open. An internal error occurred. Sync failed.

Quickbooks has periods that can be open and closed. The above error is notifying you that there is a payment in Buildxact that is trying to be created in a closed period. Either re-open the existing period by following this quickbooks guide or alter the above supplier invoice to be in the open period.

An error occurred trying to create a bill for order for Buildxact Bill
#J###/PO##/### with msg A business validation error has occurred while
processing your request - Business Validation Error: Were sorry, QuickBooks
encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering
the product/service item and saving the form again.. Please contact technical
support and reference Code: 6000

Please review your Account Sync Tax Settings by viewing the below guide

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