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How do I create and use Specifications in Buildxact?
How do I create and use Specifications in Buildxact?

Learn how to create and use specifications in Buildxact

Written by Kalya Ryan
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The following video will show you how to generate specifications from the Estimate Costings tab, how to edit these specifications, how to add images, and how to create exclusions.

Please note that specifications are distinct from selections. To understand the role of selections in Buildxact, see:

Video: How to use specifications for North American customers

Video: How to use specifications for Australian and New Zealand customers

Step-by-step instructions on how to add specifications to estimates in Buildxact

There are three ways to get specifications into estimates in Buildxact: manually, nominating items from the estimate, and setting up a pre-set.

Manual entry

In the Estimate, click on the Specifications tab

  1. Click the green "+" button to add a Category

  2. Enter the category name

  3. Click the green "+" button to add items to the Category

  4. Enter the item description

  5. Click "Save" when done

Nominating from "Estimate Costings" screen

6. Open the Category
7. Find the item you want to mark as a Specification
8. Click the "S" button to right of the item. These items will now populate in the Specifications tab, where you can also add images and notes.

9. The Category name pulls through from the Costings tab, expand this
10. The item from the Costings category
11. Click the edit pencil
12. Click the image icon to add an image

Creating a preset

Creating a preset allows you to re-use the Specifications on any future estimates. This is useful if you have standard list of Inclusions and Exclusions.

13. Click on the cog icon
14. Click "Save as preset" and name it

15. To use the preset in future projects, click the cog icon,
16. Apply it from the bottom of the menu.
17. You can save multiple presets.

Once applied, they can then be edited for this specific project without changing the original preset.

The introduction section has no character limit and specification items are limited to 1000 characters.

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