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How do I manage selections in Buildxact?
How do I manage selections in Buildxact?

Step-by-step instructions on how to share selected items and categories from your specifications page to the client portal.

Written by Kalya Ryan
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Article contents: Video and steps on how to use selections

See here for how to use Buildxact to manage selections via the client portal.

How to share selections to the client portal

  1. Navigate to the Specifications page within your chosen estimate.

  2. Populate the item fields you would like to share.

  3. Click 'Share'

The following screen will appear:

Select 'Client portal' and click 'Share'. Your selected category and item(s) will now appear in the client portal for this project under Selections. Note: if you have not yet invited your client to view their client portal, you can do this here by clicking the 'Invite' button.

What does my client see when I share selected specifications?

The items you have selected and shared with your client through the client portal will appear under the 'Selections' tab on their client portal homepage.

For example:

Your client can select (and deselect) items and can also request something new by clicking on 'Request an item'. If your client chooses to request a different item, the following box will appear:

They can make a new suggestion/request, upload a photo and nominate an amount before clicking 'Send request'.

This new request will now appear in your specifications page.

Items will appear as 'Pending' in Specifications until selected by the client, upon which the status will change to 'Selected'. The status of the item updates to 'Approved' once you have approved the selected item. This status is reflected in the client portal.

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