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What is the Hibernate Plan?

Our Hibernate plan, is only $10 per month. By moving to this plan:

  • We guarantee that we will keep your data until you decide to go back to a standard plan

  • You will still have access to view your Buildxact data

  • You can still receive client communications from your client portals

To switch to the hibernate plan, please follow these steps:

  1. In Buildxact from the left-hand navigation menu click "My Business".

  2. Under "Business Account" click "Subscriptions".

  3. Click on the blue Cancel hyperlink.

4. Click on the "Select Hibernate" button.

5. Confirm your changes by clicking "Change"

Your subscription will now move to the hibernate plan effective from your next billing date and you will be charged $10 per month.

Once you are ready to reactivate your plan, you can do so by purchasing another subscription by logging in again, you'll get a message saying your account has expired and have the option to pay to re-subscribe.

When you purchase a new subscription, you pick up just where you left off.

Any questions please contact support by emailing [email protected]

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