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How can I cancel my Buildxact subscription?
How can I cancel my Buildxact subscription?

Cancelling your Buildxact subscription can be done in Buildxact itself

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How to cancel your subscription

This is permanent. Before you go, we'll ask you to give us your reason for cancelling. In most cases, you'll receive a call from us too, just to gather some feedback on your time with us. If you decide to cancel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your subscription page by following this link (click here) OR:

    1. In Buildxact, in the left-hand navigation menu click "My Business". Alternatively you can

    2. Under "Business Account" click "Subscriptions".

  2. You can see if your account is set to auto renew. If so, there will be a Cancel hyperlink.

  3. Select a cancel reason from the dropdown box

  4. Enter your comments for canceling

  5. Click 'Cancel Subscription'

How to Pause or Hibernate your subscription

Should you wish to temperately hibernate your subscription, please click the button below:

Click the button below to view our refund policy:

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