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How do I connect my accounting software to Buildxact?
How do I connect my accounting software to Buildxact?

Learn about connecting Buildxact to your accounting system, including links to our user manuals for accounting systems.

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Why connect Buildxact to your accounting?

Connecting your accounting to Buildxact means your expenses and income are entered once, saving you valuable time.

Which accounting systems does Buildxact connect with?

We currently connect with the following accounting systems:

Click on the accounting system you use, and you'll be taken to information relating to that system.

How to connect and use the accounting integration

The video below covers the entire accounting connection process. In the video we use Xero as the example, but for the most part this process is the same for MYOB AccountRight and Quickbooks Online (Australia and New Zealand). For more details on your specific pack see the accounting user manuals following the video.

Please note that Buildxact supports the Import Bills functionality for Xero and QuickBooks Online, NOT MYOB

Video contents:

  • Overview of accounting sync set up and how it works

  • Connecting and setup

  • Extra security - 2-step verification - Please note that 2-step verification or multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a required security step when integrating with accounting software

  • Updating your sync settings including tax profiles

  • When is an item ready to sync

  • How to process the sync

  • Sync log

Accounting manuals

The following user manuals have specific detail and step-by-step instructions on how to connect and use the integration for your specific accounting pack.

Want to know more?

We have a webinar dedicated to integrations:

Contact us for help:

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