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There are several ways to get help while using Buildxact, from help guides to video content or speaking with one of our support team, we’ve got you covered.

To best answer your support enquiries quickly and efficiently we’ve recently introduced a call back request option. We can help most when you’re in front of Buildxact and ready to go, booking a time with us is an easy way to guarantee this.

To book a call back with one of our friendly support team members, please login to your Buildxact account and request a call back via send us a message (aka live chat) as shown in the video below. One of our support team members will give you a call back to support you over the phone at the time that suits you.

This video sums up the best ways to get help from us at Buildxact.

You can book a Call Back with us here

Just select where you're based and what type of call you need:

Region: Australia and New Zealand

Region: USA and Canada

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