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Modify Purchase Orders Actual Category
Modify Purchase Orders Actual Category

This guide will show how to reallocate an expense for a Purchase Order to the correct category

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In Buildxact for each order item you have the ability to set a Category which the costs will be assigned to, this is handled via the 'Actuals Category' column.

If you have created an order based off existing items, the category will be set automatically based on the selected item.

However, if you have added a new order item this field will be blank. Populating this field will be crucial for accurate estimate vs actual cost recordings.
If you've managed to receive costs on an order when the category was blank, the following video shows how you can backtrack to assign the costs to the correct category:

Please see the below guide for Cost Plus Jobs:

To learn about importing bills from your accounting software and creating purchase/change orders, see the below guide:

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