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Can I import my bills from my accounting software and create purchase/change orders in Buildxact?
Can I import my bills from my accounting software and create purchase/change orders in Buildxact?

View and manage imported bills from your accounting software in Buildxact

Written by Kalya Ryan
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Integrating your accounting software with Buildxact is a great way to streamline your workload, saving you time and money.

To learn how to connect your accounting software to Buildxact, see:

Viewing your imported bills & receipts

The bills you have entered into your accounting software will appear in Buildxact under Jobs in the left-hand menu.

  1. Click on Jobs.

  2. Select Imported Bills.

Please note that only bills modified in the last 30 days will appear in this list. If you are connected to Xero the status of your bill will also need to be marked as 'approved', 'awaiting payment' or 'paid', to appear here.

The order in which bills appear in this list is determined by the date attached to the bill in your accounting software.

3. Select the job associated with this bill by clicking on the search box and selecting from the drop-down menu. The search function displays 20 jobs at a time.

4. To expand and view the line items attached to this bill click 'View line items'.

5. Click on the 'Ignore Bill' button to hide bills or items that aren't related to any jobs.

6. You can view any attachments connected to the bill by clicking on 'View Attachments':

Creating a purchase/change or work order

It's possible to create a purchase or change order for an entire bill, category or individual item. Please note however, a job must be selected for the '+Create Order' button to become live.

1. Once you have selected the job, category and item (as needed), click '+Create Order'

For Xero users, please note that you can ensure attachments uploaded to a purchase/work order in Buildxact are synced to Xero. Do this by navigating to Xero Settings and checking the box 'Sync the PO attachment to my Xero account' under Buildxact to Xero. This guarantees all future attachments uploaded to a Purchase/Change or Work Order will be synced to Xero.

Splitting a bill into multiple purchase/change orders

To do this, select a Job (1), Category (2) or Item (3) from the line items shown.

You can create a new category and/or item by typing into the relevant text box.

Click '+Create Order' (4)

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