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How do I edit a locked Purchase Order for a cost plus job?
How do I edit a locked Purchase Order for a cost plus job?

This guide will walk you through how to unlock a Purchase Order to make changes

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Why is my Purchase Order Locked?

As soon as you create an invoice from a purchase order, that purchase order will then become locked which will not allow you to make any changes.

In this example, I want to edit my purchase order as I have selected the wrong category for line item no. 1 and need to change it to electrical.

How do I remove the invoice so I can edit the attached purchase order?

NOTE: We suggest taking a screenshot of the invoice details or noting down the details including date paid, invoice date and invoice number.

In order to remove the invoice from the purchase order you will need to open the invoice and remove any payment attached to it by clicking on the red trash can and confirming.

You will then see that the Status options have changed, allowing you to change the status to Pending. Click Save & Close.

This will take you back to the outgoing invoices page and allow you to delete the order from the invoice by clicking on the red trash can

The following pop up will appear:

Select the top option and click OK.

Open your purchase order and change to part received. Click Save and Close.

There will now be a red trash can next to the invoice. Click the trash can and confirm.

The Status window has now changed, select the unsent option. You will now be able to edit your purchase order.

NOTE: Remember to reattach your invoice. If you had previously synced this to your accounting software, it will not resync. Any changes you want to show in your accounting software will need to be manually updated in your accounting software.

Please see the below guide for modifying Purchase Orders Category for a non Cost plus Job

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