As scale is based on a ratio, meaning 1mm on the page is always 50mm on the ground at 1:50 (Metric) it is possible to use these calibration pages to scale pages where you know the scale but have no dimension lines.

Disclaimer: We are in no way responsible for mislabeled plans, where the incorrect scale is indicated on them.

1. Open and download (using the downoad button in the top right) the file corresponding to the measurement system you use

METRIC (eg: 1:100)
Metric scales

IMPERIAL (eg: 1 1/2" = 1'-0")
Imperial scales

Note on paper size: in the past this help article had the different paper sizes seperately. For simplicity we've now chaged to be just one page for metric and one for imperial scales. The rationale here is that for metric 1mm on paper will always be 1mm on paper regardless of how big the page actually is. Hence a scale of 1:100 will always convert 1mm on paper to 100mm on the ground, regardless of the paper size. Paper size is only used to ensure that a page is printed at the right size, which is important for manual measuring with a scale rule. The same logic applies to imperial scale.

2. Load it into the "Plans & takeoffs" section with the other page(s).

3. Hit the "Scale" button and select to "Scale all pages"

4. Choose the page uploaded in Step 1 as the basis of your scaling. Ensure you use the line which matches the scale you want. For example the horizontal line for 1:50 (Metric) will be entered as 30,000mm

Please contact us if the scale you need is not included on our calibration pages.

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