Scaling your plans in Buildxact will allow you to measure your plans quickly and accurately, which in turn creates more accurate costings. There are different ways to scale your plans to make scaling in bulk easier

  1. Choose a plan that has measurements to scale

  2. Click the ruler icon and choose from the options on the menu

Scale this plan” – if you only want to scale the plan that is chosen e.g. this plan has a scale that is different to the rest of the plans

Scale all unscaled plans” – it will use the measurement you draw on the chosen plan to scale all the plans that have not been scaled yet. e.g. this will assign the same scale to any remaining plans yet to be scaled 

Scale all plans” – this will use the measurement you draw on this plan to scale all the plans e.g all the plans will have the same scale. You can also use this to scale all your plans in bulk, and then use the first option to rescale any that are a different scale

Scale plan as per video below:

Firstly draw the horizontal line on the plan, you can zoom in on the drawing for more accuracy, then input the measurement. It is recommended to draw the longest line.

Repeat process for the Vertical line

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