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Article contents: steps on how to import and upload plans to Buildxact

Importing your plans into Buildxact enables you to scale your plans and create take offs, which eliminates the need for paper copies of plans being measured manually. This allows for speed, accuracy, and keeps all the plans, measurements, and take-offs attached to the project.

  1. Click on the green '+' button or the blue hyperlink 'import some Plans'. 

2. Drop files into the highlighted area or click to upload from computer files.

3. Select specific pages or range of pages to import. Or import all pages by leaving the 'Import all' box checked.

4. Click 'Import using high quality' if the plans are poor quality (scanned), or you need to upload color plans.

5. Click 'Import' to start the import process. 

Once the plans have been imported you are prompted to Scale the plans.

6. Click 'Cancel' if the plans have different scales.

7. Click 'Confirm' if plans are all the same scale.

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