Buildxact and Xero

Learn about Buildxact's integration with Xero. Including any sync issues, how to link contacts and tracking categories.

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Buildxact integrates with a number of accounting packs, including Xero. To find out how to connect Xero to Buildxact, click the following link:

Xero Contact Linking

There are three contact link scenarios that occur when you sync purchases or invoices in Buildxact with Xero. These scenarios are:

  1. The contact doesn't exist in Xero, so Buildxact pushes info in to create it.

  2. The contact exists in Xero, but Buildxact hasn't synced with them before, so we link for the first time.

  3. The contact already exists in Xero and Buildxact has linked with them previously.

In each scenario, Buildxact displays the Xero link under the Buildxact contact. This means you can always check which contact is synced and you can change the contact Buildxact is synced with, if needed.

You may need to change the contact Buildxact is linking with if:

  • You have multiple contacts in Xero under the same (or similar) name and we've linked with the wrong one.

  • The contact in Xero has been archived and you need to choose another contact.

Archived contacts

If your sync log shows the error below, it means is that the purchase order or invoice you're syncing is linked to a contact in Xero that has been archived. Buildxact can't sync the purchase order or invoice across because the contact isn't live.

"The contact with the specified contact details has been archived. The contact must be un-archived before creating new invoices or credit notes."

To fix this you need to either bring the Xero contact out of archive (if it was archived accidently) or correct the Buildxact link to an active contact via the steps below.

  1. Open your Buildxact Contacts

  2. Search for and open the contact that is marked as archived.

  3. Edit the Contact details

  4. The last property 'Xero Link' needs to be updated.

    Click the dropdown and find the same named contact or remove any existing text to set back to empty. If empty the next sync will create a new contact in Xero based on the Buildxact contact name.

Xero Default Status

Altering the sync status in Buildxact affects how and where items land in Xero.

The sync status for Xero is found under the Xero sync settings. We'll look at each status and what it does for a bill/expense and invoice/income.

NOTE: The settings here control both bill/expenses and invoices/income together you cannot select different settings for each.


The item will land in the draft folder in Xero; the next step is to approve the draft.

  • Bill/Expense

  • Invoice/Income


The item will land in the awaiting approval section in Xero; the next step is to approve.

  • Bill/Expense

  • Invoice/Income


The item will land pre-approved in the awaiting payment area, the next step is payment or reconciliation.

  • Bill/Expense

  • Invoice/Income

Xero Tracking Categories

Use Xero's Category Tracking to track your jobs in Xero for reports.

If you would like more information on Tracking Categories, click here

Follow the steps below to set up tracking categories:

  • In your Xero application, click in ''Settings'' ''General Settings'' ''Reports'' ''Add tracking category''.

  • Once this is done, go into Buildxact, in the Navigation menu, click on ''My Account'' "Integrations", click on "Xero", go to the "Settings" tab, at the bottom of the pop that appears there is drop down where you can choose to add a tracking category, click on this and choose the category you set up earlier in Xero.

  • Once this is done, all items that sync from Buildxact to Xero will have this extra info:

It allows you to filter your Xero account by job much more easily, and in splitting your reports by job.

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