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How do I create a condensed quote using a customized layout?
How do I create a condensed quote using a customized layout?

Creating a shorter proposal is easy with Buildxact's custom layout.

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Creating a condensed quote using a custom layout is a quick and efficient way to provide a shorter proposal to send to your clients. Follow the step-by-step instructions below or scroll down to watch the short video.

Creating a condensed quote with a custom layout

1. Identify Unnecessary Sections

  • Determine which sections you can omit from your proposal to keep it brief and to the point.

2. Customize the Layout

  • Turn off sections you don't need, like answers, specifications, or extra pages.

  • Include essential information like tax details and item totals.

3. Remove Page Breaks

  • Find and delete page breaks separating sections onto separate pages. This step eliminates unnecessary spacing. Here's how:

a) Navigate to the section with the page break you want to remove.

b) Go to Advanced Editing or a similar option in your document editing software.

c) Locate the page break at the top of the section.

d) Replace the page break HTML with the following:

<div style="page-break-inside:avoid; page-break-after:auto;">

e) Alternatively, you can delete the page break completely as shown in the video (below).

5. Review and Finalize

  • Review your condensed quote to ensure it looks professional (spelling and grammar check) and that it contains all necessary information.

6. Save as a Custom Layout (Optional)

  • If you think you'll use this condensed format regularly, save it as a custom layout for future use.

As always, please get in touch with our Customer Support team if you have any questions.

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