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How do I use Recipes in Buildxact?
How do I use Recipes in Buildxact?

Learn how to use the recipe feature in Buildxact.

Written by Kalya Ryan
Updated over a week ago

Intro to Recipes

Recipes can be used for various different functions to achieve various different results. The main benefits are the ability to:

  1. Drop in a group of items quickly

  2. Link one takeoff measurement to a group of items (e.g.: one wall measurement connecting all the components in the wall)

  3. Convert unit of measure - from the units you measure in, to the units you order in (e.g.: m2 of plaster converting to sheets of plaster)

If you are new to recipes, we suggest you start on the introductory video below.

If you're familiar with recipes and would like to know about some advanced ways to use this feature, see:

Recipe Rounding

The ability to round the final quantity of recipe items is available on all recipes. You can learn all about it here.


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