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Why am I seeing a price updates alert in my estimate or template?
Why am I seeing a price updates alert in my estimate or template?

This article explains what a Price Update Alert is and why you're seeing it in your estimate or template.

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If you're in an estimate or template and see the above alert, it's trying to tell you that some of the pricing used in the estimate has changed. This article/video will explain what to do about it.

Triggering Price Alerts

Price alerts are triggered when there are changes in the catalogs that source your estimate or template. These changes can occur in several ways:

  • Clicking the blue update button in the catalogs and updating all prices by a specified percentage.

  • Uploading a new Excel document containing updated pricing information.

  • Manually changing a price within the estimate or template.

  • Suppliers making price adjustments that affect your connected account.

Applying Price Changes

To apply the updated prices, you can click the "Apply" button. This action replaces the existing prices with the updated ones for all items in the estimate or template. It is equivalent to individually applying the changes to each item.

NOTE If you prefer not to apply all the changes at once, and instead want to review and update specific items, it is recommended to avoid using the bulk apply option. In such cases, manually adjusting the prices one by one is a better approach.

Dismissing Price Alerts

If you dismiss the price alert, it will hide the notification. The alert will only reappear if there are further changes to the price list. Refreshing the page or logging in and out will not trigger the alert unless there is a new modification to the prices.

Price Alerts in Accepted Estimates

Price alerts are not displayed for accepted estimates. Once an estimate is accepted, the contract total is considered fixed, assuming that the pricing should not change. However, subtle indicators may still notify you if the pricing becomes outdated.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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