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Can I include recipes/assemblies in my Request for Quotes (RFQs)?
Can I include recipes/assemblies in my Request for Quotes (RFQs)?

This article describes how to add recipes/assemblies to your RFQs so that your supplier/dealer can provide detailed and accurate pricing.

Written by Kalya Ryan
Updated over a week ago

Audience: builder and supplier/dealer

Read time: 3 mins

Article contents: step-by-step instructions on how to add a recipe/assembly to your RFQ.

  1. Navigate to the Estimate Costings screen.

  2. Click on Add and select 'Add New Category'.

3. Click on the green '+' button.

4. The new category will appear, click on the Build Recipe/Assembly tool button.

5. Include the category you want a recipe for in the Description box.

6. Click on Browse Recipes/Assemblies to choose the recipe/assembly you want to add to your RFQ from the recipes/assemblies available in Buildxact.

7. Click on the category.

8. Select the specific recipe/assembly from the list of recipes/assemblies available.

9. Click Save As.

10. Your recipe/assembly and associated items will now appear in your Estimate Costing. Check the box beside your recipe/assembly, click Save.

11. Click on the New Quote Request button at the bottom of your screen.

Your Quote Request form will appear:

Fill out the title name for the quote request, click 'Next' and follow the usual RFQ process to send to your supplier/Dealer.

PLEASE NOTE: the respondent will only be asked to quote on the price for the stated Qty of items in the recipe/assembly. They do not have the option to edit the quantity once received.

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