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Advanced Buildxact Assemblies (Imperial)
Advanced Buildxact Assemblies (Imperial)

Assemblies for cladding, insulation, bricks, framing, decking, joists, bearers and more.

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Audience: Builders

Read/watch time: 35-40 mins

Article contents: Guide to understanding how to use assemblies in Buildxact

This article relates to assemblies (known as recipes outside of North America) in imperial units. If you're outside of North America and work in metric units use the button below to head to the relevant article.

This article deals with advanced assemblies, if you're looking to understand the basics about using assemblies in Buildxact, see:


Occasionally some of our North American training content will use the term "recipes" in the place of "assemblies", there is no difference other than the term and so please think "assembly" when you hear "recipe".

Advanced Assemblies

Below are several awesome assembly ideas to take your estimating to the next level. They cover drywall, insulation, framing, decking, joists, bearers and more.

How to build a drywall assembly

Setting up framing item assemblies

We have both a video on this and step by step on framing, the button below takes you to the detailed instructions.

Setting up decking and flooring item assemblies

Any questions, contact Support

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