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Request for Quote (RFQ) from Jobs
Request for Quote (RFQ) from Jobs

Steps on how to create a request for quote from the Jobs section in Buildxact

Written by Kalya Ryan
Updated over a week ago

Audience: Builder/Trade

Read time: 4 mins

Article contents: How to create a request for quote to send to your trades and/or suppliers from the Jobs section.

This article is specifically about RFQs from within the Job section of Buildxact. If you're looking for how to use RFQ's in Estimates, see Request for Quote (RFQ) from Estimates

To understand how best to use this feature, either go through the video here or the steps below:

To create a RFQ from Jobs (WITH an existing budget and line items):

  1. Navigate to Jobs and select an existing job

  2. Select 'Actuals Costings'

  3. Select the item that you want quoted

  4. Click on 'New quote request' at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Your request for quote will now appear.

Create a RFQ from jobs (WITHOUT an existing budget or specific line item):

  1. Select the job, and because this job may not have an existing budget or the necessary line item, then;

  2. Click on Request for Quote;

  3. Click on Create New

Your request for quote will now appear.

Once you have chosen the winning supplier/contractor, the details from that RFQ will update the details in the quote accordingly.

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