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Updating a quote request on behalf of the trade/supplier
Updating a quote request on behalf of the trade/supplier

What to do when RFQs are responded to by trades/suppliers outside of Buildxact?

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If you've sent out a quote request to a few trades/suppliers and one of the recipients doesn't go through the online portal to get the price and quote back to you (as shown here) but instead simply calls or emails you, what should you do?

You can enter the quote into Buildxact as shown below, we'd also recommending sending that trade/supplier this video to explain to them the right way for next time.

To enter a quote on the trade/supplier's behalf simply:

  1. Head to the costings screen in the estimate

  2. Click on quote requests up the top

  3. Click on show recipients for the quote request in question

  1. Click view for the recipient in question

  1. Click costings to view/edit the costings for that recipient's quote request

  2. Click edit to change what's in there

  1. Note that the recipient will receive a notification of the change, it advises them that you have changed the quote on their behalf.

  2. Enter the price or prices as needed

  1. If the status box is already set to submitted, then jump straight to point 3, else click on the status box for that persons quote request

  2. Choose the submitted option as you are submitting the quote for the trade/supplier.

  3. Hit save and close

You can now select there quote to be used in your quote if you want to use them.

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