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Article contents: Steps on how to find, subscribe and use estimate templates published by your connected Supplier/Dealer.

Just as you can subscribe to price catalogs/ lists that your suppliers/dealers publish you can also subscribe to and use prepopulated estimate templates to speed up your quoting time.

How to subscribe to estimate templates

  1. In the left-hand menu click on Integrations, then click on Suppliers in the sub menu.

  2. Find you supplier that you are connected to and click the grey Manage button.

  3. Go to the Estimate Templates available section and click the Subscribe button to any or all of the the templates you wish to have in your Buildxact account.

How to use the estimate template

  1. In the left-hand menu click on Estimates, then click on Estimates in the sub menu.

  2. Click the green Create new button.

  3. In the pop out menu select the From Template (a) option. Using the drop-down menu select your suppliers template, then click on either the Preview Template (b) or Create (c) button to view and use the template for your customers estimate.

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