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How to publish estimate templates for use by your builder customers

Share prepopulated estimate templates with your customers

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Article contents: Steps on how to publish and share estimate templates with your builder customer.

Just as you can share price catalogs/lists with your builder customers you can also share prepopulated estimate templates for them to subscribe to and use as well.

Creating a estimate template

To create a estimate template click on the button below to view the full how to article.

Publishing an estimate template to make available for connected builder customers

To publish an estimate template so your builders can subscribe and use the estimate template see the below steps.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Estimates then click on Templates from the sub menu.

  2. Find the template you wish to share and click on the name to open it.

  3. Go the the Template Details tab.

  4. In the Template Availability section set the Scope and Status.

    1. Scope

      • Public: Anyone can subscribe to this template

      • Managed: Only select builders can subscribe, you can manage them via the Access Control

      • Hidden: Templates you do not want to share

    2. Status

      • Draft: Is not ready to be public. Will not be visible to Builder

      • Published: Is ready to be published

      • Expired: Will not be visible to Builder

      • Archived: Will not be visible to Builder

  5. You can also set Publish Date and Expiry Date to managed when and for how long your customers can view and use the estimate template.

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