Supplier/Dealer - Loading and updating a price file/ item catalog

How to load and update price file/ Item catalogs shared with your customers

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Contents: Steps on how to load and update you price catalogs in Buildxact

This entire article is summarized in the video below, if you prefer to go through the step-by-step points, those are below the video.

The video covers:

  • Loading a catalog

  • The settings that control catalog sharing

  • Updating a catalog and how this impacts your customer

Loading your Prices

Once your price list is correctly formatted you can load it into Buildxact.

If you need help formatting your price file/item catalog head to this article:

  1. In left-hand navigation menu click on Catalogs. Click the green Create New button.

  2. A pop out dialog box will appear asking you to insert catalog details:

    1. Make sure the catalog type Item is checked.

    2. Name (we recommend a naming convention that would make sense to your customer as that is what they will see when subscribing to your price catalog)

    3. Description (we recommend a naming convention that would make sense to you customer)

    4. Contact (internal team member to contact regarding the catalog)

    5. Check the box to Import items from Excel.

    6. Click the Create & Import button.

  3. On the next pop out dialog box you will be Importing To at the top. This should be the name of the Price file / Item catalog you just provided. Click the green button Start Import at the bottom of the dialog box to begin.

  4. An Import catalog items popup will appear. Click the green Upload data from file button.

  5. Your file explorer on your computer will open. Navigate to where your price file / item catalog is stored, select the file you want to upload and click the Open button to upload it.

  6. A popup will appear asking you to confirm/select the sheet/tab from that file. Confirm your selection using the drop-down menu and click the green Continue button.

  7. The next screen will ask you to confirm the top row contains the column headers/ field names. Click the green Yes button. You are now ready to map the fields in your uploaded file to the Buildxact platform. This process makes sure your price file data will appear in the correct data fields in Buildxact when searching pricing and creating estimates. Tip: Prepare the fields in your Excel file before uploading.

  8. In the same screen, you will see a column of data from your spreadsheet and a column of data you will want to map to/match up in Buildxact. Use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the information columns to map to/match up. When done, click the green Confirm Mapping button. You may also have information imported from your Excel file that you do not need. When this occurs, you should click Ignore This Column which appears in the right-hand side of the popup box.

  9. Click the green Review button to proceed. You will now see all your data in expanded view.

    Note: You can toggle on Only show rows with data or show modifications to find any issues with the information you may want to review and amend. Mapping and data errors will be clearly shown in red highlight. Hover your mouse cursor over the red highlight and the program will provide direction, or you can select the grey Go Back button at bottom left of the popup to edit your mapping.

  10. When satisfied with your mapping, click the green Continue button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  11. Another small popup will appear asking if you're ready to submit, click the green Yes button (A). A notification popup will appear acknowledging the bulk import will be completed in the background (B).

  12. Your price file/item catalog is now uploaded and can be managed and shared with your customers.

  13. Click on the Catalog name to open.

  14. In the Catalog availability section chose your catalog scope from the drop-down menu.

    1. Public = anyone can subscribe

    2. Managed = You will need to approve access and is for special/VIP pricing

    3. (Hidden = Catalogs that you are not sharing at all currently)

  15. Set and effective and expiry date. (Optional)

  16. Change the status to published so your customers can begin to subscribe and use your pricing in their estimates and purchase orders.

Updating a catalog

Prices change regularly and you need to be able to inform your customer in an easy way. This article covers how to update your existing prices file/Item Catalogs in Buildxact.

Use the table of contents below to skip to that section of the article.

Upload/Import a new Price file/Item Catalog

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Catalogs.

  2. Find the catalog you would like to update and click the arrow pointing up icon to import a new Price file/ Item catalog to replace the existing catalog.

  3. Follow the step 3 - 12 in the in the Upload Price Files/ Item Catalogs to share with your customers article to import a new price file/ item catalog.

Increased cost across entire Price file/Item Catalog

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Catalogs.

  2. Find the catalog you would like to update and click blue icon to increase all item prices by a percentage.

  3. A pop-up will appear where you will enter the increase price percentage. Click apply.

  4. Another pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the increase. Click confirm and the Price file/ Item catalog will be updated.

Individually update single lines in a Price File/Catalog

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Catalogs.

  2. Find the catalog you would like to update and click on the name to open the catalog.

  3. Click on the Item tab to view the catalog. From the Item catalog view you can add or delete new categories, Subcategories, line items. This is useful if you have an item or two that is being discontinued or you are no longer stocking.

    What effect does updating catalogs have on the recipes, templates and estimates within your account, and how to update linked items?

    Click the button below to view our article on updating catalogs and how that updates throughout your account.

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