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Article contents – This article covers how you can choose to share information with your selected suppliers/dealers to increase collaboration and visibility of upcoming jobs.

Sharing your data with a Supplier/Dealer you already have a connection with

  1. To share information with Suppliers/Dealers, go to the integration section in the left-hand navigation menu find your Supplier/Dealer tile and click the manage button.

  2. Once on the connection details screen scroll down and toggle on show your data to your supplier.

  3. Your supplier can now see a snapshot of prospective work and range of projected costs of work. Note: At any time, you can toggle off if you no longer wish to share estimate/ job data with your supplier.

Sharing your data with a Supplier/Dealer when inviting them to use Buildxact

  1. When inviting a Supplier/Dealer to use Buildxact you can also elect to share an overview of your project data and estimates shared with your customers.

  2. Check the Share my data to improve collaboration box prior to inviting your Supplier/Dealer.

What does your Supplier/Dealer see?

Your Supplier/Dealer will see a snapshot of your jobs data and estimates that you have shared with your customers. They cannot make any edits and all personal customer details are hidden.

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