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Article contents - This short article shows you how you can view information/data insights your builder has elected to share with you.

Builders connected to you in Buildxact can elect to share project data with you. In the client section of you Buildxact account you will be able to see your connected builders. Inside each client record you will be able to see overviews of the builders jobs values and any estimates that have been shared with their customers.

The benefits of your builders electing to share data with you allow you to -

  • Use builder data for sales strategy: sales pipeline, stock forecasting & customer pricing tiers.

  • Gain insight into builder growth to determine sales opportunities and customer pricing.

  • Proactively support your customers with sales pipeline management and stock predictions using builder data.

How to view builders project data

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu click on Clients.

  2. In the client’s area click on the builder/ customer details you wish to view.

  3. Under the client details tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to view Builder Statistics. This will show you how many jobs the builder has completed and currently have in progress with overall value. Note: A this feature was released end of March 2022 you will only see data from the 31/03/22.

  4. To view what estimates the builder has shared with their customers, click on the Estimates tab. Note: You will be able to see any estimates the builder has shared with their customers, whether accepted or not. You will also be able to see any estimate you have sent directly to the builder. This is indicated by the type of access you have, if you have Full access, that is an estimate you have shared with the builder. If you have Can't edit access this is an estimate shared by your builder to their customer.

View individual estimates

  1. To view a builder's estimate, click on the estimate name to open.

  2. The Estimate Details screen will show you an overview of the estimate including the suburb in which the work will take place.

  3. Click on the Takeoffs tab to view any take-offs with measurements your builder has completed.

  4. Click on the Estimate costings tab to view the estimate categories.

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