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How do I share information/data with my dealers/suppliers?
How do I share information/data with my dealers/suppliers?

What do your dealers/suppliers see when you connect and choose to share your information/data with them?

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Article contents โ€“ This article covers how to connect with your dealers/suppliers and the information/data that is shared on connection. It also explains how to opt-in to additional data sharing.

How do I connect to my dealers/suppliers in Buildxact?

  1. To connect with dealers/suppliers, go to the integration section in the left-hand navigation menu, find your Dealer/Supplier tile and click the Connect button.

  2. Fill out the relevant information on the Connection details screen and click Submit.

  3. Once your dealer/supplier has accepted your connection request you will have access to their catalogs, and they can now see a snapshot of your prospective jobs and the range of projected costs of your jobs.

Data sharing

When you invite your dealer/supplier onto Buildxact and they accept, data is automatically shared between you and your dealer/supplier. In the interests of your business' privacy, we ensure that the data that is automatically shared does not contain any potentially sensitive financial information, like material spend, job values, win/loss rates and estimate values.

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