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Request For Quotes - Reminders and status meanings (RFQ)
Request For Quotes - Reminders and status meanings (RFQ)

How to send a reminder to a supplier/contractor, how often automatic reminders are sent and what the quote request status means.

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When you send a quote request to a supplier/contractor, they will receive an email to provide you with a quote. Quote requests will expire after 14 days unless you extend the deadline which will extend the request for an extra week.

At anytime, you can view, resend or remind a supplier/contractor of the quote request if they have not submitted it yet.

Buildxact will also send automatic reminders to a supplier/contractor 3 days before the deadline if no response has been received and again on the day of the deadline if no response has been received.

Additionally, Buildxact will send alerts to a supplier/contractor for the following scenarios:

  1. Quote submitted - record sent to the supplier/contractor of the price

  2. Quote later - if a supplier/contractor selects to quote later, Buildxact will resend the request to remind them for later

  3. Price change - If the Buildxact user changes the quote price, Buildxact will notify the supplier/contractor that the price has been modified

Status Meanings

Buildxact will automatically update the status of a quote request whenever your supplier/contractor access the quote request. Here are the different status types and there meanings:

  1. Open - the quote request has been created

  2. Notified - the supplier/contractor has been sent the quote request

  3. Pending - the supplier/contractor has agreed to quote later

  4. Quoting - the supplier/contractor has agreed to provide a quote

  5. Submitted - the supplier/contractor has submitted there quote

  6. Declined - the supplier/contractor has decided not to provide a quote

  7. Closed - the quote request has expired

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