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How to use digital acceptance when sharing quotes
How to use digital acceptance when sharing quotes

You can elect to use digital acceptance when sharing quotes via the client portal or email

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Digital acceptance is a great way to have your clients accept a quote and indicate this to you so you can move to the next step. This article will take you through the steps on how to use digital acceptance in quotes you share via the client portal or via email.

When using the client portal or email to publish and share quotes with your clients you can elect to use digital acceptance, meaning your client can review the quote you have shared and digitally accept the quote.

Choose a workflow

  1. From the Quote Letter tab click the green Share button to share your quote via the client portal.

  2. A dialogue box will appear for you to choose either the standard or digital acceptance for your quote.

    1. Standard - your client will receive an email with a link to either view or download the quote.

    2. Digital Acceptance - your client will receive a link to the web version of the quote that will include options to download and digitally accept the document.

  3. In the recipients section you can add in your clients via the search text box. You also have options to send yourself a copy and include your business details in the body of the email.

  4. If your estimate has a lead with a published client portal project, you will be given the option to share the quote directly to the portal as well.

    NOTE: We display who is invited to your client portal project. This is to alert you that you may be sharing the quote into a portal which at that point still has no one invited/viewing it. The invitation can be made in the linked lead if needed.

  5. In the email screen you can personalize the text of your email before sending it out to a client. You can even save your text as a preset to use again later via the dropdown presets menu on the right.

  6. You can either select existing documents uploaded to the estimate/lead/client or upload and attach a standalone document before sending it out to your client.

  7. Click share and the quote with digital acceptance enabled will be sent to your client.

  8. Your customer will receive an email notifying them of the quote with a link to view quote. The customer can then view the quote in a web browser or the client portal and digitally accept the quote by clicking the accept quote button located below the quote on the right-hand side of the screen.

  9. Your customer will then see a pop up informing them to accept the quote and its terms and conditions by clicking the accept quote button.

  10. Your customer will receive one more pop up letting them know that their builder will be notified shortly.

  11. In Buildxact you will be notified when a customer accepts a quote by a badge icon next to estimates in the left-hand navigation menu.

  12. In the estimate screen you will see a notification above your estimates stating you've had a quote digitally accepted. You can then view the quote or dismiss the message.

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