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How we support grouping of Buildxact accounts

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This article is specific to users who have multiple Buildxact accounts and want to group them together to allow sharing of information, we refer to this as a "Franchise structure". The option to setup Buildxact accounts in a franchise structure is something you need to discuss with us and is subject to agreements and certain conditions.

What is a franchise structure?

In short, a franchise structure allows several accounts to be connected, the typical layout will be as below.

  • Master account: this is the main account, generally there will be one of these for the entire franchise group but depending on size there may be several where each master account represents a state/region/country.

    The purpose of the master account is to hold data which will then flow downwards into the accounts below. The items which you can load in, to then flow downwards, include Estimate Templates, Recipe Catalogues and Item Catalogues which.

    Additionally, there is also the option (if set up to do so) for the login to the master account to provide access into the accounts below. Meaning a master account user can access all accounts in their group.

    There is no charge for a master account when in this structure on the basis that it itself isn't used for actual estimating and job management.

  • Training account: This is test/demonstration account, setup for several reasons.

    Firstly, it allows the franchise group to have a "test" space in which they can try things with no repercussion.

    Secondly, it can act as a demonstration account, you are able to show others how Buildxact works and how the master information flows in, without any consequence to live data or accounts.

    Lastly, it is a really good building ground for items which will later be moved to the master account, it is much better to build items in the training account versus in the master account which is "live" and all changes are seen.

    As with the master account there is no charge on the basis that the account isn't used for actual estimating and job management.

  • Franchisee account: These are the actual user accounts, and there is no limit to the number of these that can be linked into the franchise structure. These are paid accounts based on our regular pricing. Users of these accounts run their estimating and job management as per usual, but with the added benefit that much of the information they need to do so can be provided by the master account and hence the franchise.

Franchise fee

Sometimes called continual franchise fee or CFF, this is the "per job" charge that a franchisee pays to the franchisor.

In Buildxact this can be set at a franchise level which means that all training/franchisee accounts will automatically have the franchise fee added to all estimates and variations (also known as change orders) as part of the markup.

The intention here is to avoid a situation where the franchisee estimates and wins a job or variation before realizing they've not allowed the franchise fee.

Note: Due to the nature of cost plus jobs, franchisee fee IS NOT automatically added to cost plus invoices and this will need to be considered in the Buildxact training by any franchise that runs cost plus jobs.

What are the benefits of a franchise structure?

The franchise structure allows accounts to be preset with all the information a franchisee needs to run estimates and jobs. This not only makes onboarding new franchisees easier, but also means that new information can be loaded directly into the franchisee accounts via the master account. A common example is where a franchise will have pricing deals with a certain supplier, and hence load and maintain that pricing information across the whole franchise via the master account.

Sounds good, what next?

If this sounds like it could be for you get in touch with us via the button below.

Franchise setup form

If all goes well, you'll be requested to fill out this form and return it to us.

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