You can convert your completed work on category items into recipes with a couple of steps on Buildxact. Before we get start, I suggest checking out this guide on creating recipes.

Converting Category Items to Excel

First we need to export our categories and items into an excel document. While in estimate costings, click the cog in the top right of the screen.

When the options menu drops down, select print Categories & Items.

Select XLS as your format and download the document.

Note: You can choose the other formats as well, but since we are using excel later on to import our recipes it may be easier to keep everything in the same format.

Formatting Your Data

Now that we have your category items in an excel document, we need to format the data in order to compatible for recipe importing. Here is a template you can use for formatting your data.

The easiest way to format your data will be to copy and paste into a new document (or into the template). WARNING: There is a lot of formatting on the file with your category items we downloaded from Buildxact. I find it easiest to copy the data one column at a time to get around the formatting issues.

When pasting the data into your new document, make sure you select PASTE VALUES from the right-click menu that pops up. This will ensure no cells stay merged and the formatting will clear out.

Once you are finished formatting your data as seen in the template, it should look something like this below. You can add in the optional columns in the template like Cost Item Type, Category, Subcategory, etc. here as well.

You are now all set to continue with import process found in the guide here.

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