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How do I share an estimate to another Buildxact account?
How do I share an estimate to another Buildxact account?

Learn how to copy an estimate from one Buildxact account to another.

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This feature is most commonly used by estimators who want to transfer estimates to other Buildxact users accounts. However, it can also be useful if you have a contact who uses Buildxact and you want to share an estimate with them, or you have a company with multiple Buildxact accounts.

Follow these steps to share an estimate with another Buildxact account:

1. Navigate to your list of estimates and hit the share button for the estimate you want to share.

2. Enter the email of the account you're sending to. Note: this needs to the be registered email of that account (registered emails are located under My Business/Business details).

3. Choose the restrictions you want to apply when the other person receives the estimate.

4. Hit share, you'll both get a confirmation email advising of the shared estimate.

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