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How do I remove a linked measurement from an Estimate Item?
How do I remove a linked measurement from an Estimate Item?

This guide will step you through how to remove a linked measurement from an estimate item.

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What is a linked measurement?

Each line in the estimate costings can be linked to a takeoff, you do this manually by using the calculator and selecting which takeoff to link to, or you can use the takeoff button and the linking happens without you really knowing about it.
Here's how you can double check your estimate item's measurement reference to see if it's linked to the correct item.

Why would I want to remove the linked measurement?

Most commonly it's when you've copied an estimate or a costing line and the link to a takeoff has copied too. The problem that generally arises is that users then want to do a completely new takeoff for that costing line, but clicking the takeoff button takes them back to the existing linked takeoff/measurement to edit it rather than creating a new takeoff.

How do I fix it?

1. Edit your estimate items by clicking the edit button

2. Click the Calculator button on the item you wish to double check

3. In this Example - the toilet suite's cost line is referencing M2 which is the basin's takeoff.

4. To remove the measurement link, simply click the C (3) and then Equals (4)

5. Once you've done that your Estimate Item Quantity should be set back to 0.

You're now free to do a new takeoff for your item and this will create a new measurement.

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