These project numbers can be changed, there are some limitations

  1. When creating an estimate, the Quote number auto populates

2. The corresponding job will mirror the number from the quote

The quote number can be manually updated using the blue edit pencil in the "Details" tab, but this will not update the corresponding job

3. Update the Quote number field
4. Click "Save"
5. The Estimate number updates

7. When converting to a job, Buildxact ignores the changed estimate number, and picks up the original estimate number. The  job number would automatically become J1116. 

8. If you were to edit that job number to match what you had in the estimate,
9. Then click "Save",
10. A message appears "!This number is already in use" and the job number would not update

Some companies want to create their own job numbers for the purpose of integrating that job to other programmes e.g. Deputy or an accounting package. In this instance it is recommended to not edit the Estimate, and only update the number in the job

Enter the Job details tab and click on the blue pencil of the details field
11. Update the Job number field
12. Save
13. The job number updates

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