With Buildxact's leads and client management features you can manage your Pre-sales process, from the first phone call through to winning the project and starting work.

Note: This functionality is only available on Buildxact's Pro and Teams plans.


  • Streamline your Pre-sales process - With the Leads functionality you can create a lead, nurture a new lead through the lead stages from qualifying to estimating, through to winning the work.

  • Gain visibility of your leads and what stage they are at in your pre-sales process.

  • Easily qualify your leads by capturing information such as project type and budget.

  • Keep track of your leads and any associated notes or documents in one place.

  • Create and manage multiple estimates for each of your leads to present the customer with multiple options easily.

Client Portal

  • Deliver exceptional customer service, keep your customers happy and engaged and improve lead conversion rates by creating a Client Portal for your customer’s projects.

  • Create a centralised place for accessing information by sharing documents, plans, quotes, variations, and invoices with your customer. 

  • Simplify communication and keep track of your conversations using the in built messaging tool.

  • Share examples of previous work and collaborate with your customer throughout the initial design process.

  • Provide a way for Clients to access their documentation after the job is completed.

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