With Buildxact's latest features you can manage your Pre-sales process, from the first phone call through to winning the project and starting work.

Note: This functionality is only available on Buildxact's Pro and Teams plans.


  • Streamline your Pre-sales process - With the Leads functionality you can create a lead, nurture a new lead through the lead stages from qualifying to estimating, through to winning the work.
  • Gain visibility of your leads and what stage they are at in your pre-sales process
  • Easily qualify your leads by capturing information such as project type and budget
  • Keep track of your leads and any associated notes or documents in one place
  • Create and manage multiple estimates for each of your leads to present the customer with multiple options easily

Client Portal

  • Deliver exceptional customer service, keep your customers happy and engaged and improve lead conversion rates by creating a Client Portal for your customer’s projects
  • Create a centralised place for accessing information by sharing documents, plans, quotes, variations, and invoices with your customer 
  • Simplify communication and keep track of your conversations using the in built messaging tool 
  • Share examples of previous work and collaborate with your customer throughout the initial design process
  • Provide a way for Clients to access their documentation after the job completes

How much will this functionality cost?

We want our users to be able to benefit from managing their leads and creating Client Portals for their customers, so this functionality will be free for most users. Anyone who is subscribed to our Pro or Teams plans will have access to manage their leads at no extra cost. We will also be giving every Pro or Teams account the ability to create a set number of Client Portals for free every year. This number will be sufficiently large, that most of our users will never have to think about whether they are near the limit (think around 100 Portals). Your feedback is appreciated as we evaluate this limit.

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