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Linking a catalog item to an estimate
Linking a catalog item to an estimate
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You can easily add an item from a catalog to your estimate and view the item that you have added.

1. Inside estimate costings, select the category you wish to add the item to.

2. If the search box pops up and the item you want is there, click on it. You can now jump to step 6 in this article.

3. If the search box didn't contain the item you wanted, click on the search button.

4. The search panel will appear - you can use this to search for the item you want.
5. When you have found the item, click it to select it

6. Once you have selected the item from your search, the estimate line will update with the information from your catalog.
7. Note: You are now able to see a label containing information about the catalog item that you have added onto your estimate costings.
8. When you are happy with your changes, click Save.

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