One thing you may want to do is produce the highlighted takeoff drawings to give to someone. Note that as part of the request for quote tool there is an option to do this also, whereas this article is more about just exporting/printing them.

To do this simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the plans and takeoffs tab
  2. Click the cog on the right hand side
  3. Click print
    NOTE: the email button works the same but results in the email going direct to someone instead of exporting the final printout
  4. Choose takeoff drawings to ensure the export has the takeoffs
  5. Choose which takeoffs you want to display
    NOTE: they will overlay so too many can make reading hard
  6. Choose whether you want the labels to show, for detailed takeoffs we suggest turning them off as they can make the takeoff hard to read
  7. Continue to choose what format you want to print/export in.

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