Estimate and Job statuses

Buildxact has statuses for Estimates and Jobs which allow you to sort, and track your project stages.

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Estimate Statuses

  1. Click on "Estimates", this will open the estimates sub tab 

  2. Click on "All" to see the total of all estimates in Buildxact, and listed underneath are those estimates in each status

  3. When you begin an estimate the status will automatically be set as "Draft"

  4. There are manual statuses that can be applied to estimates in order to track their progress

  5. There is one automatic status change - all estimates that have been converted to a job will automatically change to "Accepted" and all other statuses are manually added.

6. The statuses can be found, and changed, by opening the estimate, and clicking on the drop down menu to the right.

Job Statuses

The job statuses are totally dependent on the schedule within the job.

7. If you have tasks set up in the schedule with no progress assigned, the tasks are grey
8. This is reflected in the "Progress" bar at the top of the job

9. The job will be counted as "Not Started" status in the menu on the left under "Jobs"

10. When progress is added to the tasks they will become orange
11. This also shows progress on the Progress bar in the job

12. Marking all the tasks as completed (green),
13. This can also be done in bulk by choosing "Mark job as completed" from the cog icon
14. This will show in the bar at the top of the job

15. This will move the job to "Completed" in the job menu 

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