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How do I set up my email account in Buildxact?
How do I set up my email account in Buildxact?

Control who can send emails from an account, which emails show in Buildxact and what signature you use.

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Once you have completed the connection process for your email provider, there are a number of settings that control how your emails are treated. 

NOTE: you can only change the settings on a connection you initiated, you cannot alter other user's connections, they'll need to make their own changes.

You will be prompted to complete this upon your connection, if you ever need to return to them later they're found under Integrations and the settings icon.

Email Integration Options

  • Allow others to send from this account: Choose whether you want others to be able to send from the email account you've connected. Buildxact users will be able to select this email account when sending emails from Buildxact.  
    When would I use this? Generally, this is not applicable when connecting your own email account, however,  this is useful when connecting a company-wide email such as [email protected] or [email protected].

  • Visibility: Chose whether emails indexed from this account should be visible to all all users or just the user adding the account
    When would I use this? Generally, this is only applicable where you feel the email account you are connecting to may include sensitive emails that you do not want visible to other Buildxact users. Unless required, we recommend emails all users should be able to see emails from all connected accounts.

Exclusion list

  • Exclusion list: Buildxact only indexes and displays emails that relate to an existing customer or contact recorded in Buildxact. However, you can also chose to ignore specific email addresses by adding them to the exclusion list.
    When to use this: If you have your staff as contacts in Buildxact then internal emails between your email accounts may be pulled through. Use the exclusion list to nominate those emails you want Buildxact to ignore

Email Signature

NOTE: The use of this signature is being phased out. So you'll not see it any time you send an item using a "Share" button in Buildxact.

  • Email signature: This is where you set up the email signature that is included on any email Buildxact sends on your behalf from this email account.

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