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How do I connect my email to Buildxact?
How do I connect my email to Buildxact?

What is Email Integration and how do I set it up?

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Email Integration allows you to connect your email account to Buildxact. This means that we can automatically display emails you receive from customers and suppliers right within Buildxact, as well as allowing you to send emails from within Buildxact using your own email account. 

For example, once you connect your email account, you could send a purchase order within Buildxact and it would be sent from your email account, even appearing in your 'sent folder'. Then when the supplier replies to that email the reply will come back to your email account as normal, but also automatically show in Buildxact against the Supplier's record.

See this video below (taken from our Integrations webinar) for an overview of the feature:

(If you're looking for the link mentioned in the video, you're already in the right place!)

Connecting your email account

How you connect your email account depends on which email provider you are using. Below are some common email providers and instructions on how to connect. If you are unsure about which email provider you are using, we suggest contacting your IT provider for some guidance. 


  • Gmail (@gmail)

  • Google Suite (this will likely be @yourbusiness)

Office 365

  • Office 365 (this will likely be @yourbusiness)

Other Emails

  • Hotmail (@hotmail)

  • Outlook (@outlook)

  • Live (@live)

  • Yahoo (@yahoo)

  • Apple Mail (@icloud)

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