User Access Controls restrict what users can see and do within Buildxact. For example, you may want your supervisor to have access to areas to do with running the job (e.g scheduling/purchasing), and not have access to the estimating section at all.


User Access Controls are currently available as part of the Teams plan subscription

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The Access Levels

There are 7 predefined roles with varying degrees of access.

See below for the roles are and their access. CLICK HERE to download the complete breakdown of exactly what each role can do.

*Note: any user can be assigned to multiple roles

How to change user access

  1. Click on "My Business" 
  2. Click on "Users"
  3. Click the green "+" button to add a new user

4. In the pop up add the new users details
5. Click the "Assign Roles" radio button
6. Choose which areas the user can access (multiple can be chosen)

Use Access Controls are currently under further construction to include more functionality, such as:

  • Allowing the predefined roles to be more customised to suit to your business
  • Expanding the function to include controls which allow users to see only the items they are working on.

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