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How do I cancel my Buildxact subscription?
How do I cancel my Buildxact subscription?

Cancelling your Buildxact subscription can be done within Buildxact.

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Cancel your Buildxact subscription by following the steps below

If you are on one of our month to month or annual pay up front plans you can cancel your subscription at anytime in Buildxact. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing period. If you are on a contract agreement you will not be able to cancel until your contract has expired as per our terms and conditions.

Note: before you go, we'll ask you to give us your reason for cancelling. In most cases, you'll receive a call from us too, just to gather some feedback on your time with us.

1) In the left-hand navigation menu, click on My Business.

2) Select Subscriptions.

3) Click on Manage Plan.

4) Click Cancel Subscription

Once you select Cancel Subscription you will see a pop-up page asking you your reason for cancelling. We'd love to know if there's anything more we could be doing to make Buildxact work for you.

Clicking Continue will take you through some alternative options to cancelling your subscription, like our Hibernate Plan (see link below), before reaching the final cancellation page. Click Cancel subscription to finalize your cancellation process.

Pause or Hibernate your subscription

NOTE: It is not possible to pause or hibernate your subscription if you are on a contract subscription.

It's possible to temporarily hibernate your subscription as an alternative to cancelling. Hibernating your subscription is an excellent option if your business is taking a break or going through a slow period. To find our more, please click the button below:

If you receive a charge after cancelling your subscription, please get in touch with our Customer Support team. Refunds typically appear in your account within 3-5 business days.
Click the button below to view our refund policy:

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