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If you need to switch off your Buildxact account, there are two options:

  1. Hibernating - this allows read-only access for three months while you're taking a break, OR

  2. Cancelling - this is permanent, you're telling us the account isn't needed any more.


For $10/month you can retain read-only access to your account data. Learn more here:


This is permanent. Before you go, we'll ask you to give us your reason for cancelling. In most cases, you'll receive a call from us too, just to gather some feedback on your time with us. If you decide to cancel, follow the steps below:

  1. In Buildxact, in the left-hand navigation menu click "My Business".

  2. Under "Business Account" click "Subscriptions".

  3. You can see if your account is set to auto renew. If so, there will be a Cancel hyperlink.

4. Select a cancel reason from the dropdown box

5. Enter your comments for cancelling

6. Click 'Cancel Subscription'

Click the button below to view our refund policy.

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