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How do I update or change my Buildxact subscription details?
How do I update or change my Buildxact subscription details?

Add users, pay invoices, check payments, update, or change your subscription details under the Subscriptions tab.

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Updating or changing your Buildxact subscription

(NOTE: The following images are showing Australian pricing only)

In the left-hand menu:

  1. Click My Business 

  2. Click Business Account

  3. Click Subscriptions

  4. Choose Manage Plan

You will now be able to see your current plan as well as your current number of users and email accounts

To change to a different plan

  1. Click Select a different plan

  2. Select the plan period

  3. Click Select Plan on your chosen subscription plan

You will be presented with a summary of the immediate changes including any pro rata credits if applied.

Here you can:

  1. add or remove user seats from your subscription

  2. manage your email accounts.

  3. Click to View the Buildxact subscription terms and conditions

  4. Once you are satisfied with all the changes, click Confirm Changes

If your account has expired

You will be prompted to pay once you log in. Nothing in your account will be visible until you have made payment.

To update the number of users you are being billed for

If you have removed additional users from your system, you can then modify your billing to remove the additional charge for those users by following the steps below.

NOTE: You MUST delete the user from your system before you can modify your billing.

NOTE: Each plan has a set minimum number of included users as part of your monthly subscription, that number cannot be reduced.

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