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How do I make variations/change orders on contract jobs?
How do I make variations/change orders on contract jobs?

How to make variations (change orders) to the contract on contract jobs

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Article contents: Step-by-step video instructions on how to make variations/change orders for contract jobs; step-by-step written instructions on how to add variations to an invoice.

The following video covers how to create variations/change orders for contract jobs, if you're after variations/change orders on cost plus jobs head here:

Change Orders


Steps for adding the variation/change order to an invoice

  1. In the "Outgoing Invoices" tab

  2. Note the Contract Total

  3. Note the Variations/change orders

  4. Click on the green "+" button to add a new invoice

5. In the invoice that appears, type in a description
6. Choose the variation/change order(s) you want to claim
โ€‹Note: this step has recently changed to allow you to choose a portion of the variation versus only the whole amount.
7. It is optional if you would like to claim any of the contract amount
8. Click "Save & Send", a pop up appears allowing you to choose the type of invoice, click "OK", then in the new screen you can add contacts and attachments, click "Send"

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