Create a template from scratch

In the estimates screen, click the green + button to add a new estimate, 

1. Enter the description of the Template

2. Enter the Building Type (if the option you want does not appear, free-type in this field, this will add to the Building type options)

3. Use the description in the Customer name field

4. Tick this box if you want to import an estimate from Excel

If you need more info on importing estimate see here:

5. Click OK

In the estimate that appears click into the Costings, Specifications and Quote letter tabs to add, remove, and amend the materials/details to fit your template.

6. Once you have amended your template, change the status of the estimate from "Draft" to "Template"

To generate the template

7. Click on "Templates" under "Estimates" in the Navigation bar
8. Find the template, and click the green "+" button to generate a copy of the template into a new estimate
9. Use this pin to make this template the default. This will then automatically populate your estimate costings every time you start a new estimate.

Once you have generated a copy of the template, you can then update the estimate details accordingly.

Create a template from a estimate you have already done

From the list of estimates, find the estimate you want to create a template from 

10. Click the blue copy button to create a copy of the estimate

11. Update the Description, Building Type, Customer name as per steps 1 - 3.
12. Tick the items that you would like to copy across to the template
13. Click OK

Update the Costings, Specifications, and Quote Letter tab, and change the status to "Template" as per step 6 above.

Create a Template from a Buildxact template

15. Click on "Estimates" in the Navigation bar
16. Find "Templates" under sub tab
17. Click the green "+" button to generate a copy of the template into a new estimate

Follow steps 11 - 13 above to complete the template

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